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Micheal (on her pony) is angry over Bobby and Peggy's attire.

Micheal Savage is the daughter of Katt Savage in the episode "Uncool Customer" in Season 13. Like her mother, it is the only episode she appears in.

Micheal's voice is supplied by Georgina Cordova.


Micheal has brown eyes and wavy brown hair that she usually puts in a side ponytail. She has a fairly monotone voice but it can become very high-pitched when she is upset. She always wears gloves on her hands and is very fond of dresses.


Like her mother, Micheal follows trends in an attempt to stay hip and glamourous, which may also explain why her mother gave her a boy's name. Micheal is shown to be spoiled because of her big fancy house. She and her friends act like stuck up teenage girls. She attended the same Cotillion classes as Bobby Hill because she wanted a fancy birthday party, which Peggy and Bobby unintentionally ruined. She has a large treehouse with an elevator and frequently goes up there to be alone.

She is a fan of Gwen Stefani and attended one of her concerts.


Micheal lives with her mother, Katt Savage, but does not appear to have a father, implying that her mother is a single parent.

She is friends with Violet and Cayden and ordered them to check everyone's cellphones after she accidentally fell into the punch bowl at her birthday party and humiliated herself, to make sure that no pictures had been circulated. She was also friends with Bobby, as they attended Cotillion class together, but after he and Peggy appeared at her party in inappropriate casual clothes she apparently became angry with him, though this was never confirmed.

Notable trends Micheal has followed

  • Using British slang (for example, when she used the word "major" instead of "cool").
  • Though she did not say directly that she used it, she mentioned that perfume that smelled like dirt was cool.
  • Using numbers as letters.
  • Going to a Gwen Stefani concert, as she is a fan.
  • Riding a pony as an entrance to her party and wearing a tiara.