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Melanie Scovall is an organizer at the National Propane Gas Convention in Memphis, Tennessee. She appears once in the episode "What Happens at the National Propane Gas Convention in Memphis Stays at the National Propane Gas Convention in Memphis."


Melanie Scovall is a tall woman with short blonde hair. She is seen wearing a pink dress and circular earrings. She bears an uncanny resemblance to an unnamed character from the episode "Bwah My Nose" (a blonde lady in a pink leisure suit who was addicted to plastic surgery, giving Hank a pep talk). This unnamed character had the exact same hairstyle, hair colour, clothing colour and eye shape as Scovall; because they both appear in different episodes of Season 13, it is possible that the Melanie Scovall character model was recycled.

Scovall is later on seen in a different outfit, a skimpy red silk lingerie set, while in bed with Jody. When Hank comes into the room, she grabs Buck's rainbow flame blazer and loosely throws it on to cover herself. Buck is suggested to have eventually gotten the article returned to him, as he is seen wearing it at the end of the episode.


At the National Propane Gas Convention in Memphis, she helps direct Hank Hill to Buck Strickland's stand, where they find out that there is another propane business with the same name as Buck's business owned by his son Jody. After Buck does not show up at his stand, Melanie expresses disappointment at him and at Hank for not giving the convention its importance. She gives Hank the flamer jacket that Buck is supposed to wear at the award ceremony, and he gives it to Buck when he finally finds him.

Later when Buck hears Jody spending time with a woman, he enters the bedroom only to find his son having sexual relations with Melanie, who wears Buck's flamer jacket. This causes Buck and Jody to get into a fight until Hank breaks them up. He is angry with his boss and says that Melanie should be ashamed of herself, who gloomily says that she should feel bad but never does.