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Marty Mendez is a car salesman who works at Pick-Up Truck Heaven. He was Salesman of the Month, March '98. He appears only in Chasing Bobby.

When Hank begins having issues with his truck, he takes it to Handley Brothers Automotive Repair, and learns that it only has 500 miles left to go. Hank, very attached to his truck, refuses to give up on it, but eventually comes to grip with reality, when the truck's problems worsen.

Later, in an attempt to help Hank, Bobby shows him an advertisement in The Arlen Bystander for Pick-Up Truck Heaven, explaining that they preform miracles. Hank, uninterested, explains that he not going to take his truck on "some magic-carpet ride" just to be told by a mechanic that there's nothing that can be done. Peggy and Bobby end up convincing Hank to go, explaining to him that he owes it to his truck to try.

Upon arrival at Pick-Up Truck Heaven, Hank and Bobby are greeted by Marty Mendez, who recommends to Hank that he buy a new truck. Hank, having been under the impression that Pick-Up Truck Heaven specialized in auto repair, leaves in frustration.

On the way home, Hank's truck breaks down on some train tracks and ends up being destroyed when it's rammed by a train. Hank, fed up with Bobby, having driven 40 miles to West Durndell, blames him for his truck being destroyed, and walks back to Pick-Up Truck Heaven with Bobby to use the phone. Hank scolds Bobby, telling him to wait on a bench. Marty Mendez greets Hank again, attempting to sell him a truck. Hank, agitated, angrily explains that he's only there to use the phone. When Hank notices that Bobby is gone, no longer city on the bench that he told him to wait on, Hank begins searching for Bobby, and learns from a customer at Pick-Up Truck Heaven, that Bobby decided to walk home, being angry at Hank for blaming him. Hank, desperate to locate Bobby, approaches Marty Mendez who's in the middle of making a sale with a couple who are deciding on a color, pretends to have changed his mind, stating that he's interested and would like to test-drive a truck. Marty Mendez excitingly states that "it feels like March '98 all over again." and happily tosses Hank the keys.