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Maria Montalvo is an accessories associate at Strickland Propane.


She first appears in "Junkie Business" as a secondary character, and later appears during the end credits of "Death of a Propane Salesman" poking fun at Hank along with Enrique and Joe Jack regarding the propane explosion at Mega Lo Mart. She was interviewed by Hank Hill for a job opening at Strickland Propane. Although her resume detailed much past experience in propane and she impressed Hank with her eidetic knowledge of the Vogner Char-King, Hank decided against hiring her when she told him she didn't know who was the quarterback for the Cowboys, as well as Peggy's paranoia that Hank would become sexually attracted to her. Hank passed her over in favor of Leon Petard, a decision he would soon regret. When Buck Strickland terminated Leon's employment, he hired Maria to replace Leon. When Buck was talking to Hank in his office he mentioned "Say hello to our new accessories associate", and introduced Maria. Maria, grateful to be hired at Strickland, hugged Hank. However, she implied attraction as during the hug, she grabs his butt.

This was interrupted by Joe Jack, who said that Peggy was headed inside and looked like she was on the warpath.

Maria Montalvo was also seen in a few more episodes, although her speaking roles were minimal.

 Episode appearances