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Mandy is a nudist who is friends with Becky. She appears in the episodes "Sug Night" and "Earthy Girls are Easy."


In season 6 when Peggy and Hank have trouble regarding the wet dreams of the latter, they go to a nudist area to try and solve their marriage. Hank is uncomfortable at first but gets used to being naked with Peggy while cooking burgers until Mandy and Becky show up. Mandy snarks that Hank has the munchies due to cooking burgers early in the morning, and Becky wonders why the meat smells so good and not smelling like smoke. Hank tells them that it is propane cooking the meat cleanly, but Peggy is annoyed that Mandy and Becky are trying to distract them. Hank talks with the women about propane, which saddens Peggy since she thinks he is attracted to other women. Hank is actually interested in talking about propane, and he discusses propane with them for some time. Mandy and Becky are happy to learn about propane and even say they will convert their house boat to propane, exciting Hank. The two girls leave, and Peggy finds out that Hank is actually attracted to propane and not other women, showing that their marriage is not as failed as they thought.

Later in season 13, Mandy and Becky see that Buck Strickland has a "we are green" sticker on his car, indicating that Buck is allegedly an environmentalist. Buck confirms, and the two girls simply leave until Buck tells them he is setting up a celebration for his carbon offsets.