Madelline Borginnis is a lawyer in Arlen, Texas who specializes in hostile work environment cases.

 She is contacted by Hank after a new employee at Strickland Propane (Rich) constantly uses toilet humor and innuendos to the point where it disrupts work. Madelline suggests they have grounds for a lawsuit based on sexual harassment.  Hank, however finds this humiliating and refuses to file suit.  She tells him that this is just an umbrella term. After a prank phone call, he takes her pamphlet.[1]


  • Her first name can be seen on the diploma behind her desk.
  • She studied at Arlen College of Law as well as another school, based upon the degrees seen in her office.
  • She prefers to go by the neutral title of "Ms.", but she is married and has taken her husband's last name.
  • Her character may be based on feminist attorney Gloria Allred.


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