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Mad Dog is a member of the Arlen Gun Club and appeared in "Soldier of Misfortune". He is voiced by Gary Busey.


Mad Dog has a violent personality and was once imprisoned for murdering a man. He had disdain towards Gun Club President Dale Gribble. During elections, Dale accidentally discharges his gun during his story, and he loses the respect of his fellow members. Mad Dog uses this to his advantage and runs a successful campaign for President himself. He then has an inauguration party in his cabin where he catches and planned on torturing Hank, Bill and Boomhauer for trespassing in an attempt to rescue Dale (who in actuality was planning to leave town in fear for his life after he mistakes him for Mr. Big, who was actually Hank).

Hank however calls Dale and fills in him on the situation. Dale would then attempt to rescue his friends, but then gets captured himself. It appeared as if they were going to killed by Mad Dog, but Dale called in flower shop people (which everyone thinks are CIA agents, based on his story). Mad Dog tried to get his fellow Gun Club members to fight them off, but when they refuse, Mad Dog runs off and escapes, but not before blowing up his cabin with a remote-controlled bomb.