Name Lupe
Gender Female
Hair Black
Job Student
First appearance Lupe's Revenge
Voiced by Marisabel Garcia

Lupe is a young Mexican girl who was accidently taken back to America by Peggy in Lupe's Revenge. She is a minor character who is voiced by Marisabel Garcia.

Lupe's Revenge

Peggy was boarding her students onto the school bus when Lupe offered to sell her gum, to which Peggy didn't understand and made the girl board the bus. It wasn't until Peggy got back to Arlen that she realized the mistake. While in Arlen, Lupe is kept at the Hill residence in Peggy's office for a brief time as her family doesn't have a telephone and she cannot call home. They also feed her a sandwich before Peggy drives Lupe back to Mexico. There she is reunited with her family who turns on Peggy for being a kidnapper.


Lupe was very polite while selling gum and became afraid once moved into America. When she believes Peggy is insulting her mother, though, Lupe becomes defensive and upset at the mix up. Once returning home she is relieved to see her large family who also are glad to see her. 

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