Lloyd Vickers
Vlcsnap-00062 (2)
Name Lloyd Vickers
Gender Male
Hair Light Brown
Age 25-30
Job Former Manager at Strickland Propane
Relatives Unknown
First appearance Snow Job
Voiced by David Herman

Lloyd Vickers was a former Strickland Propane employee who was placed in temporary control of the company, by Buck. He appeared only in Snow Job.

After Buck sufferers a heart attack, he places Lloyd Vickers in temporary control of the company, due to the fact that he has a business degree. Much to the dismay of Hank, he's been given the task of taking care of Buck's hounds.

Hank is distraught over Buck's decision, being as he worked for Buck for fifteen years. Later, Hank becomes upset and angry with Lloyd Vickers, because he wants to raise prices since the weather has caused propane shortages. Hank, in disagreement, angrily explains that people need them during such a time, and that it wouldn't be the right thing to do.

Later, Joe Jack tells Hank that Lloyd Vickers had Tattlers installed into the Strickland Propane company trucks, and when Bobby, being present, asks Hank what a Tattler is, Hank explains that they're a meter that tells the boss when a driver stops, and for how long. Hank further elaborates to Bobby, that tattlers are designed to prevent goof offs, lunch breaks, and unscheduled stops, "all the things the drivers union fought so hard for."

Hank continues, much to his humiliation, to take care of Buck's hounds, which turns out to be quite the hassle. While at Buck's house with Peggy, Hank becomes horrified to learn that Buck's stove isn't propane, bur rather electric. Hank, shocked, visits Buck at the hospital, demanding to know why he has an electric stove after all propane has given him. Buck explains to Hank that propane is just a business, which deeply upsets Hank, because he was always under the impression that Buck was passionate about propane like he was. Hank also learns that Buck gave permission to have the Tattlers installed, which further upsets Hank. Hank, feeling betrayed, emotionally explains to Buck that the fifteen years working for him, have been the happiest years of his life. Hank, saddened, tells Buck that he's not coming in to work tomorrow and leaves the hospital.

At Strickland Propane, the drivers, angry and fed up with the Tattlers, tell Lloyd Vickers that they quit, and storm out of his office. Lloyd Vickers, unmoved, tells them that he has a whole alumni newsletter full of friends he can call, and that they'll drive the trucks just for the life experience. Joe Jacks laughs Lloyd Vickers to scorn, explains that they have to be Hazmat certified. Lloyd Vickers,concerned, calls Buck at the hospital, asking about Hazmat. Buck, outraged to learn that he has no drivers, furiously explains to him that you need a special license to drive a propane truck, and then fires him.

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