Lisa (Jane)
Name Jane (Cult Name)

Lisa (Real Name)

Gender Female
Hair Dark Brown
Age Early 20's {Presumedly}
Job Religious Recruiter
Relatives Unnamed Mother
First appearance Fun with Jane and Jane
Voiced by Anna Faris

Lisa is a minor character in the episode "Fun with Jane and Jane". She is the voice of Mom star Anna Faris.


Jane spots a lonely Luanne drinking beer on a public bench. She approaches her asking if she is alright. Luanne reveals that she was rejected from a sorority and that her mama is in jail. Jane is impressed that Luanne is in college and not trying to sell her drugs or mug her. She proceeds to tell Luanne that the girls from Omega house would understand her and invites her to join the Omegas.

She is later seen talking to her sisters outside of the house. When Luanne arrives she invites her in. While the other girls are chatting with Luanne, Jane goes outside to bring in Luanne's luggage. Just as she is about to get Luanne's luggage a blue van appears. Two men run outside and grab Jane calling her Lisa. They claim to her that they are there to help her while Lisa tells them to let her go. Lisa is put in the back of the van where her presumed mother is sitting. Her mother hugs her stating that they finally found her. The two men state that the cult has lawyers and know how to use them as they quickly drive away.

Episode Appearances

Season 6

  1. Fun with Jane and Jane
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