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Lily is the widow of one of Bill Dauterive's male cousins. She appears in the episode "A Beer Can Named Desire."


Lily is a young woman of petite build. She has long blonde hair and wears a white dress and pearl necklace.


In season 4, Bill Dauterive visits his Aunt Esme Dauterive's mansion in Louisiana since Hank needs a place to stay for participating in a contest. When he arrives, his aunt's three daughter-in-laws, Violetta, Rose, and Lily, greet Bill. Lily introduces herself as the youngest-looking of the women. That day, Bill is looking for Rose after she tried kissing Bill, and he finds Lily sitting on the living room couch playing a triange instrument. She tells Bill that she used to make music with her husband, and Bill picks up an accordion and starts playing it. Lily compliments his music and begins to kiss him, running off afterward and confusing Bill.

At dinner that night, Boomhauer tries to flirt with Lily, but she completely ignores him and sits next to Bill. The next night, Bill sleeps in his bed when Violetta wakes him up. Bill asks her if she is related to him, and Lily enters the room to order Violetta to answer the question. Lily tells Bill that Violette is his cousin by blood, but Violetta denies it. Rose enters the room to confirm Violetta's blood relation to Bill, and the three women fight. Gilbert Dauterive, sitting on the nearby sofa, stops the fight by giving a third confirmation that Violetta is Bill's cousin.

At the end of Bill's visit, he brags to Peggy that he was able to sleep with both Lily and Rose and avoid sleeping with his blood cousin.