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Lester Payton is a Texas Ranger. He was the one that solved the Debbie Grund murder case and cleared the name of Gayle, much to Sheriff Mumford's dismay, who had local jurisdiction. He appears in the episode "High Anxiety."


Lester is a middle-aged adult man with a tall stature. He wears a white cowboy hat, a blue dress shirt with a silver sheriff's badge, and denim jeans.


After Debbie Grund is found dead in the dumpster behind Sugarfoot's, he is called in to investigate the murder. Sheriff Mumford is the main officer who investigates Hank Hill and Buck Strickland as the primary suspects, but Lester does his own work and uses the surveillance footage at the nearby Quik-E-Mart. Using his own analysis and the video footage, Lester prepares to reveal his findings to everyone involved at Sugarfoot's. After Hank clears Gayle of wrongdoing and offers to be arrested, Lester interrupts and tells everyone that no one present is the murderer. He tells them that Grund had a revenge plot against Buck Strickland to shoot him and his wife after they leave Sugarfoot's. According to the surveillance tape, Grund bought a nacho meal and brought a shotgun with her and took it to the dumpster, explaining that the gun went off as she tried to juggle the items to fit, killing herself in the process.