Leon Petard
Name Leon Petard
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Age Late 20s-30s
Job Ex-Strickland Employee
First appearance Junkie Business
Voiced by Brent Forrester

Leon Petard was a drug addict who worked at Strickland Propane for a brief time in "Junkie Business."

He is voiced by Brent Forrester.



When he was interviewed by Hank for an open job at Strickland, Leon and Hank immediately bond over the Dallas Cowboys calendar Hank has in his office. Hank figured he had the ideal candidate after being squeamish about the prior candidate, Maria Montalvo, who was not only overqualified with past experience in propane, she was also very attractive, which led to bickering between Peggy and Hank; another element that had Maria passed over in favor of Leon was the fact that she did not know that Troy Aikman was quarterback for the Cowboys.

Leon immediately proved unreliable, showing up extremely late for work, sitting in a dark closet foaming at the mouth and getting the Strickland greeting wrong "taste the heat not the meat". Hank did not figure out what was the issue until Bobby said that they were obvious signs of heroin addiction.

Hank spoke privately with Leon, saying that Hank has no tolerance for substance abuse on the job. Hank recommended Leon seek help for his heroin problem and said that effective close of business that day, his employment at Strickland Propane was terminated. Despite Hank's well-meaning gesture, it backfired on him when a government bureaucrat threatened sanctions against Strickland Propane for being in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Leon had sought methadone treatment at 4:30 and the workday had ended at 5:00, meaning Leon sought help for his drug problem while technically employed at Strickland. Hank has to put up with more of Leon's problems until he finds a loophole which states that businesses with fewer than fifteen employees are not subject to the ADA. Hank resigns from Strickland Propane, leaving Buck Strickland free to terminate Leon.

Leon Petard seems to be a French name. Léon is a usual (but outdated) French surname. Pétard means "firecracker," but is also a French slang for a cannabis joint. Another older saying is to "hoist on one's petard," meaning someone is suddenly held to standards they demand of everyone else. This happened when the ADA was thrown around and Hank's resignation dropped the rolls to 14, leaving Strickland Propane free from the dictates of the ADA and Buck showing Leon the door.

Episode Appearances

Season 2

  1. Junkie Business
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