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Larry appears Hank's Back Story, along with Dave Ulster, Wayne, and Phil, all of whom suffer from Diminished Gluteal Syndrome and are hobbyists. They share a similar interest, and meet twice a month in the back room at TV & VCR Repair to talk about it.

When Peggy stages a propane emergency, she drives Hank to the repair shop, and speeds off as he realizes it's a false alarm. At the repair shop, Larry explains to Hank that he's been wearing a gluteal orthotic for eighteen months.

When the group hears about the awful incident concerning the game of keep-away with Hank's gluteal orthotic, Larry refers to those that participated in the act, as cruel, and asks Hank for their names, whereupon Hank unhappily reveals that it was his neighbors, best friends and his dad. Larry explains to Hank that what is said doesn't leave the group.

Later, as Hank becomes happily involved with the group, he asks Dave Ulster, Wayne, Phil and Larry to be his pit crew at the Durndle County Mower Race, and excitingly shares his idea of calling themselves The Diminished Glutes, and wearing it on their hats and jackets, and explains that he'll even paint it on the factory coat of his mower. Larry tells Hank that if he does that, they'll throw a brick through his window, and the group, now distraught, explains that to Hank that it's a private matter, and that they don't just go around parading the fact that they wear gluteal orthotic devices

As Hank is racing his mower and eagerly focused on winning, he realizes that one of the saline bags inside of his gluteal orthotic is leaking, and while struggling to continue racing, catches up with Dale, who angrily sabotages Hank's other saline bag in an attempt to win. Hank, now in worse pain than before, pulls off the track, and collapses on the grass in much distress. To Hank's surprise, he looks up, and sees the group, unashamedly cheering him on and offering their support. Larry throws Hank the two saline bags inside of his gluteal orthotic to finish the race with, and Hank, now confident, happily gets back on his mower to finish the race. Hank ends up losing the race, and apologizes for letting the group down. The group, very understanding, compliment Hank on his effort, and Hank shows his appreciation for the support of the group, and tells them that what they did was brave. Larry explains to Hank that they all had their hands on their bags, but that he was just quickest on the draw.