Laoma Souphanousinphone
Name Laoma Souphanousinphone
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Age 60s
Job Cowgirl
Relatives *Kahn Souphanousinphone (Son)
First appearance Maid in Arlen
Voiced by Amy Hill

Laoma Souphanousinphone is Kahn's mother, Minh's mother-in-law and Connie, Phonsawan and Tid Pau’s grandmother. Like the Souphanousinphone family, she immigrated from Laos to escape "communist dictatorship" as Kahn has mentioned.


Laoma is the only character Kahn has complete affection for and cares most about. While Laoma has immigrated to America from Laos, she has no reason for seeking status as the rest of the Souphanousinphone family does, her sole joy of being in America is that she has liberty and no communist oppressors. Instead, she wishes to be a housewife and mend the house, only Minh does not allow as it would be challenging her role as the woman of the house. While in Arlen, Laoma is uninterested in looking for a hobby, but decides to look for work, using the skills she had when working as a maid in Laos. When Laoma learns that Peggy Hill dislikes housework, Laoma proposes being the maid for the Hill family in exchange for an affordable salary, to which Peggy and Hank find beneficial. While Kahn sees Laoma's love for cleaning as meaningless labor, Minh sees it as an opportunity to get rid of her so she can have own personal time. She eventually falls in love with Bill, after cleaning the house and caring for him, as she is a widow and without a spouse like Bill. Kahn finds this relationship repulsive and had temporarily broken up the two by claiming Laoma had an affair with Harrison Schmitt.

"Bystand Me"

Although it is implied Laoma has moved to a retirement home, Laoma is seen giving household tips to Minh over the phone in the episode "Bystand Me". However, an interesting fact about Laoma in the episode is that she is heard shouting at Minh in Laotian and seems to tease her more, as opposed to being patient as seen from "Maid in Arlen". It also seems to appear that Peggy does not remember Laoma, despite her being cared for by Laoma.


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