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Lane Pratley is a crooked car dealer who owns Lane Pratley Cadillac Hyundai.

Pratley in the mower focus group, directly behind Hank Hill


Pratley is shown to be a low-class, sleazy salesman. Buck Strickland has often gambled against Pratley, such as betting on who can get the better golf game, and both have been shown wagering against M.F. Thatherton in card games. Also, in The Good Buck Pratley is shown to attend Luanne's "bible study" in the pool in which leads to him swimming underwater and scanning her bottom. 

Appearances of Lane Pratley that neither focused on him with sex nor money have been shown when he was a customer of Strickland Propane. It was also shown that he financed Cotton Hill's Cadillac, but later repossessed it when Cotton had fallen on hard times and missed payments. When Cotton later went on a rampage due to being a veteran thrown away by society, he storms a Veterans' Day parade when Pratley is dressed like General MacArthur and using the Cadillac as a staff car. Cotton disrupts the parade to overpower Pratley and drive off with the Cadillac.