Lane Pratley
File:Lane Pratley.jpg
Name Lane Pratley
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Job car dealer
First appearance Nine Pretty Darn Angry Men
Voiced by Dave Thomas

Lane Pratley is a crooked car dealer who owns Lane Pratley Cadillac Hyundai.


Pratley in the mower focus group, directly behind Hank Hill


Pratley is shown to be a low-class, sleazy salesman that wanted to buy Tammi Duvall   in the Season 5 Episode Ho Yeah!. Buck Strickland remarks on how they consistenly gamble along with M.F Thaterton. Also, in The Good Buck Pratley is shown to attend Luanne's "bible study" in the pool in which leads to him swimming underwater and scanning her bottom. Pratley is a customer of Strickland Propane as revealed in Ho Yeah!.


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