King Phillip, known by his true name Phillip Motzinger, is the main antagonist in "Joust Like a Woman" voiced by Alan Rickman. He portrays a king in a Renaissance Faire and is a tyrant who insists on acting as if it really is 1590, and he only hired women to be wenches. When he defeated Hank in a jousting tournament, Peggy, donning armor, defeated King Phillip using a rug beater. Defeated, Phillip got handed a lawsuit from his female employees, which causes him to return to reality as he remarks in a Texas accent that he will have to go back to his old job of selling real estate, which he detests. The forthcoming lawsuit meant that Philip's fair would be forced into bankruptcy, making the propane deal a moot point. After unhorsing him, Peggy calls him "King Make-Believe," a reference to King Friday XIII of the Kingdom of Make-Believe on the television series "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood."