Kevin (shown in center and in white)

Kevin is a 15-year-old teenage boy Luanne meets at the barbershop. Because Lucky was getting the diameter at the forest, he asks Luanne to the high school prom, which she agreed. He was tracked down by Lucky's friends, as if Luanne was cheating on Lucky. When going to the prom, Lucky's friends wanted to kill him, but when Lucky comes back, Lucky tells his friends to let go of Kevin, with him saying that Kevin will be only Luanne's date with the last dance saved for Lucky.

Kevin only appears in Luanne Gets Lucky. He is voiced by Buck Dewey


-His brother (who informed Luanne about Kevin not coming to the prom with her) is voiced by Pamela Adlon, using her Milo Oblong (from The Oblongs, another show that she starred) voice. Adlon also uses her Milo voice as Billy Cook in Nancy Does Dallas.

-Though, he's 15, he goes to a senior prom. It could be that he skipped grades.