Karl is the owner of the Show Biz Sushi restaurant at the Arlen Mall and former owner of Show Biz Deli. He is voiced by Dennis Burkley


Love Hurts and So Does Art 

In the season 3 episode Love Hurts and So Does Art, he continously served questionable foods to Bobby to the point he developed Gout and had to use a motorized wheelchair. He was very frugal with the food he was serving, even complaining that he couldn't serve Italian food because you have to serve it hot. 

Bad Girls, Bad Girls, Whatcha Gonna Do 

In the season 7 episode Bad Girls Bad Girls, Whatcha Gonna Do, Bobby takes Tid Pao Souphanousinphone on a date to the Show Biz Sushi restaurant. It's located at the same place in the Arlen Mall as the Show Biz Deli restaurant was. Tid Pao complains about Karl using canned seafood as sushi. In the end of the episode, Bobby is shown having dinner with Hank and Peggy.