Josh the Python was a Burmese Python that was in the episode "SerPUNt". He escaped down the toilet, prompting Hank to call Animal Control. But instead of taking care of the problem, they made the city believe that the problem is worse than it is, causing panic, and the people to shun The Hills. When Dale finally realized that Tommy and Rollo were nothing but frauds, Hank and Dale decided to take matters into their own hands by going into the sewer to kill the snake itself. However, they find sewer rats and snakes in the sewer, and Dale kills them one by one. When Tommy and Rollo showed up, they demanded that Dale stop killing their "money", but Dale, Tommy and Rollo killed Josh, after Dale convinces the two to act like true exterminators. Tommy and Rollo vowed never to use animal attacks for publicity again, and Hank lied to Bobby that Josh was released on a farm.