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Joe Jack (born March 18, 1957) is a truck driver/propane salesman at Strickland Propane. He often calls his co-workers "honey" regardless of their gender. He is one of Hank's friends and co-workers. Joe Jack is an alcoholic but rarely gets drunk. He is very overweight, which may or may not be caused by his alcoholism. His voice bears a striking similarity to Orville "Hoppy" Jones of the Ink Spots; including his use of "honey", which was a common theme in the spoken word portions of the Ink Spots songs:

Their songs usually began with a guitar riff... the bass would either recite the first half, or ... speak the words... commonly using the words "Honey Child", or "Honey Babe", expressing his love for his darling in the song.


  • He briefly played on Hank Hill's softball team until an unspecified incident at a Taco Bueno.
  • In the episode "24 Hour Propane People," Joe Jack alludes to having done time in prison and/or jail.
  • Hank mentions that Joe Jack tries to avoid paying alimony, indicating that Joe Jack once had a wife.

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