Jody "Ray Roy" Strickland
Name Jody Strickland
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age Around late 30s
Job Propane Salesman
Relatives Buck Strickland (father)
Elizabeth "Miz Liz" Strickland (stepmother)
First appearance "What Happens at the National Propane Gas Convention in Memphis Stays at the National Propane Gas Convention in Memphis"
Voiced by Diedrich Bader

Jody Strickland (Ray Roy, voiced by Diedrich Bader) runs a propane/grill store in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It too is named Strickland Propane. The Arlen Strickland Propane find this out during the convention where Buck is inducted into the Propane Hall of Flame. Ray Roy's store's saying is "Strickland Propane...Don't taste the heat....Taste the meat."Which is very similar to the Arlen Strickland Propane saying of "Strickland Propane..Taste the meat, not the heat". The first time Jody meets his father, Buck, they celebrate by immediately going out drinking all night, which jeopardizes Buck’s Hall of Flame award. As quoted by Hank, ‘They hadn't been together two minutes when they went off drinking'.

He lures Buck into running around with him through the stay at the Propane Convention, which starts to jeopardize Buck's award.This leaves Hank to clean up and protect Buck from himself and his newly found son. Some of the things that are recorded that Buck and his son do are "They mooned Elvis's grave...and his poor little dead twin brother, Jesse."

Ray Roy even goes to the point to stealing a woman from Buck Strickland, Ms. Stovall, Propane Convention Coordinator. Ray Roy does this even after being warned by Buck to "stand in line". After Buck walks in on Ray Roy and Ms. Stovall, Ray Roy responds by saying "that line was moving to slow...I just had to get cutsies". Buck and Ray Roy end up in a fight in which Hank breaks up and announces to everyone in the room that he is very disappointed, in everyone in the room.

Ray Roy and Buck end any held past grudges by each other at a bar the morning after Buck is inducted into the Hall of Flame. They clank beer mugs and toast on it. Then, after getting into yet another bar room fight, the two of them agree to help Hank so that he does not get kicked out of the Propane Association and then to never see each other again. However, when Ray Roy gets into a convertible loaded with loose women, Buck jumps in to join him.

Prior to his debut appearance, Ray Roy was mentioned several times in prior episodes, such as in "Blood and Sauce". As Buck is tasting Bill's B-B-Q made with his family's secret sauce, Buck says, "This could make me my second fortune. The money would come in handy, if his bastard son Ray Roy ever finds a competent lawyer." He is also referred to in the episode "The Buck Stops Here" when Buck tells Hank that he has a son in another town from another woman. Despite these references implying Buck and Ray Roy had already met, his first physical appearance is treated as the first time the two had ever met at all.

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