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Coach Jo Rita, the cheerleading coach at Tom Landry Middle School

Coach Jo Rita, also known as Jo Rita Cisco, is a character in King of the Hill. She is the main antagonist in "Cheer Factor." Her current occupation is the Tom Landry Middle School cheerleading coach. She was replaced temporarily by Peggy Hill. She is voiced by Peri Gilpin.

In "Cheer Factor", Jo Rita was the reigning coach of the cheerleading squad, and acquired Peggy Hill as an assistant when Peggy is disappointed in the routines performed by the cheerleaders (mostly consisting of dance routines). She cares about dance contest winning instead of helping the football team winning the game. At a Tom Landry football game, Peggy was horrified at Jo Rita's poor skills, and begins to rile up the crowd to support the team, causing a win for the football team. Principal Moss, now overjoyed that the team won, promoted Peggy to cheerleading coach with Jo Rita as her assistant. During Peggy's time as coach, the team grew popular for their perfomances wich mostly consisted of the assault of the other teams mascot. Jo Rita, now very mad at Peggy for taking her job tries to get Peggy fired by giving her an idea that would offend the opposing team. This idea was for the McMaynerberry's Fighting Irish, Jo Rita suggested to make fun of the weak points of the Irish: drunken and obnoxious. Peggy used this idea at the game, but little did she know that Jo Rita secretly invited three Irish town-council members. The three counselors are disgusted at this act, referring to it as a hate crime. Peggy was fired from the job, but was welcome to continue teaching Spanish, but under supervision. However, Jo Rita is unable to get the cheerleaders to follow her teaching. Connie got the crowd to cheer for the team, which lead to the team to score a touchdown, much to Jo's dismay.