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Jim (Death Buys a Timeshare) is a timeshare salesman at El Grande Vista in Mexico. He appears once in the episode "Death Buys a Timeshare."


Jim is an adult male with medium length brown hair that he combs back. When purposefully putting on a pathetic persona, he puts his hair down, wears glasses, and unbuttons his suit. He wears a blue suit and navy blue tie with a white dress shirt and beige pants.


Jim is known to be the best sale representative at the O'Kelly Timeshare in Mexico. When he was asked by his boss Rich Bowen to talk to Hank, he undergoes an appearance as a pitiful salesman who is afraid of his wife. However it seems that his tactic isn't working as Hank, who does not fall for his persuasion. Before he could talk to Hank even more, Hank rushes to stop Bill from buying a timeshare from an attractive representative.

Jim's pathetic self

Later he appeared again when Hank agreed to buy a week of a timeshare at Mexico in order for Cotton to get on the yacht to meet O'Kelly. Rich tells Jim that Hank is buying, so Jim drops the persona and return to his normal self, gleefully telling Hank to sign on the contract papers.