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Jeffrey Dexter "Jeff" Boomhauer III (born October 17, 1953), universally referred to as Boomhauer, is best known for his long-winded, fast-paced speech. The character is voiced by series creator Mike Judge.


Boomhauer stands at 6 feet,[1] making him taller than Bill and Dale, but shorter than Hank. He has hazel eyes, platinum blonde hair, orange-tinted tan skin, and a strong somewhat rectangular chin. He is somewhat lanky but with a potbelly.

Boomhauer is typically seen wearing a dark gray shirt, blue jeans, and work boots. He also has a watch on his left wrist.


Boomhauer is highly astute and often gives advice to his friends. He is also a frequent voice of truth, owning up to the wrongdoings of the group despite not always acting appropriately himself. Since his speech pattern is not understood by most people, his confessions are usually ignored.


Boomhauer is a friend of the Hill family and hangs out in the alley drinking beer with Dale, Bill, and Hank. He is famous for his rapid pattern of muddled, nearly-incomprehensible speech. It appears to be genetic, as his grandmother, brother, and other Boomhauer family members speak the same way. He also peppers his speech with lots of "dang ol's" and "dadgums," often punctuating clauses with "man." It is revealed in "A Fire Fighting We Will Go" that Boomhauer actually sees himself as speaking clearly and everyone else speaking with his trademark speech pattern.

Boomhauer is a Texas Ranger and a confirmed bachelor with a taste for fast cars, women, and tiger-print bikini underwear. He drives a 1968 Dodge Coronet. In high school he had an infamous mid-60s Mustang named "Ms. Sally" but had to get a new car after Hank, Bill, and Dale accidentally drove it into a quarry while playing a prank on him. While attending high school with the three others, he played on the football team as the starting quarterback. His idol is Wilt Chamberlain (probably for both his athletic prowess and for his famous luck with women), and he is allergic to macadamia nuts.

Boomhauer in A Fire Fighting We Will Go, reading a magazine

Boomhauer's friends seem to consider him a source of good advice. He has a good relationship with Hank but occasionally loses his patience with Dale's insanity (calling him "Gribble"), but seems to be close to him, as its revealed in an episode that he and Dale leave every year on a Memorial Day fishing trip, disguised as Boomhauer going to a family reunion and Dale going to a UFO convention. They presumably don't invite Bill and Hank since Bill can get on both their nerves with his stupidity and Hank with his constant talking down of the group. Boomhauer also gets annoyed with Bill's inferiority complex (though respects him for helping him get over a woman). He is frequently the voice of truth and reason in their group, but since these confessions are barely understandable, they often go ahead, unless another character repeats what he said as though agreeing with him. He also proves to be rather cultured in one episode, calling Hank "ignorant" after Hank makes derogatory comments about modern art, and referencing Marcel Duchamp's famous Fountain and Dadaism.

Romantic life

Although considered something of a playboy by his neighbors, in I'm With Cupid, Bobby discovers that Boomhauer’s secret weapon for attracting women is merely barraging women until one finally agrees to go out with him. He also has trouble getting over break-ups. When his ex-girlfriend Katherine left him and went off to college, Boomhauer spent two days sitting in his hot tub. Peggy said she has never seen a man so sad and so relaxed than when Boomhauer was recovering from a broken heart. When he meets a jogger whom Bill lusts after, he spends several days (and nights) with her and gathers the courage to ask her to marry him, offering his Meemaw's ring. To his horror, she had been sleeping with another man and had only been dating him for the sex. Adding insult to injury, she admitted that she hadn't understood much of what he'd said since they met and mistakenly referred to him as "Boomhauser." Crushed, Boomhauer goes speeding down the street crying while blasting the radio in his car. Bill, no stranger to experiencing heartbreak himself, manages to pull Boomhauer back from the brink of desperation and motivates him to live life again.


  • Boomhauer also shares similar traits with Kenny McCormick from South Park. Both share blond hair and they are reputable for their promiscuity, interest in automobile drag racing, and--most notably--their near-unintelligible speech (Boomhauer's being his fast pace and Kenny's voice being muffled by his orange parka whenever he speaks). Kenny is also voiced by South Park co-creator Matt Stone with the exception of South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (where he was voiced by Mike Judge) and The Jeffersons, Lice Capades, The Coon, and the Mysterion arc (where he was voiced by Eric Stough) during the segments where he spoke clearly, unmuffled by his parka hood.
  • The Family Guy character Glenn Quagmire is also similar to Boomhauer. Both are middle-aged, both go by their last unique surnames and both are womanizers and neighbors of the main character (Peter Griffin and Hank Hill respectively). They also have romances which have left a deep imprint in their lives (Katherine for Boomhauer, Cheryl Tiegs for Quagmire), However, unlike Quagmire, Boomhauer is entirely consensual in his romantic/sexual pursuits, where as Quagmire in various episodes has demonstrated using rape, drugging and underage individuals.
  • In Season 4, Episode 23 ("Transnational Amusements Presents: Peggy's Magic Sex Feet"), it is revealed that Boomhauer has known Peggy for longer than Hank has, presumably being the one who introduced the two.
  • Even with his trademark speech impediment, Boomhauer sings clearly when he sings Bluegrass music. ("The Bluegrass is Always Greener")
  • Boomhauer's trademark distinctive vocal patterns were inspired by a man who complained to Mike Judge about Beavis and Butt-head, an animated television series that Mike Judge created back in 1993, that aired on MTV until 1997, The same year King of the Hill premiered. The series was later revived in the fall of 2011 and is currently on hiatus.
  • In "Hank's On Board," Boomhauer confesses to his friends that he dyes his hair.
  • Boomhauer is generally seen driving a red 1968 Dodge Cornet, although it is revealed that he once owned a red 1965 Ford Mustang nick-named "Miss Sally".
  • The one episode that Boomhauer does not appear in is "An Officer and a Gentle Boy," and Dale and Bill also do not appear in the episode.
  • Boomhauer has a cut, missing pinkie toe ("Straight as an Arrow").
  • In the series finale, we see Boomhauer's wallet on his dresser. It is open and there is a badge in it. He is a Texas Ranger.
  • He has a video-camera in his bedroom for videotaping sex.
  • As he gets older, he starts dating younger and younger women.
  • Out of all the adults in the series, Bobby interacts with Boomhauer the most (not counting his parents). This could be because Boomhauer is the most helpful and advice worthy of the others, Dale being too paranoid and usually offering terrible advice, and Bill's advice usually backfiring to make Bobby more miserable than he was before.
  • Boomhauer has a talent for close-up magic, but he only knows one trick.
  • Boomhauer is a skilled banjo player. He indicated that he can also play the accordion. ("The Bluegrass is Always Greener")
  • He is a skilled painter, which is demonstrated in "Naked Ambition" when Boomhauer paints a Van Gogh-esque self-portrait.
  • In the episode "Luanne Virgin 2.0", Hank says that he needs to borrow Boomhauer's limo.
  • Boomhauer seems to be closer to Dale out of the rest of the gang, since they go on secret fishing trips every year without the others.
  • Out of everyone in the main cast, Boomhauer has the least amount of episodes centered on him as the primary focus.
  • In Uh-oh, Canada, Boomhauer is eventually able to speak French-Canadian.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

  1. Pilot
  2. Square Peg
  3. The Order of the Straight Arrow
  4. Hank's Got the Willies
  5. Luanne's Saga
  6. Hank's Unmentionable Problem
  7. Westie Side Story
  8. Shins of the Father
  9. Peggy the Boggle Champ
  10. Keeping Up With Our Joneses
  11. King of the Ant Hill
  12. Plastic White Female

Season 2

  1. How to Fire a Rifle Without Really Trying
  2. Texas City Twister
  3. The Arrowhead
  4. Hilloween
  5. Jumpin' Crack Bass (It's a Gas, Gas, Gas)
  6. Husky Bobby
  7. The Man Who Shot Cane Skretteburg
  8. The Son That Got Away
  9. The Company Man
  10. Bobby Slam
  11. The Unbearable Blindness of Laying
  12. Meet the Manger Babies
  13. Snow Job
  14. I Remember Mono
  15. Three Days of the Kahndo
  16. Traffic Jam
  17. Hank's Dirty Laundry
  18. The Final Shinsult
  19. Leanne's Saga
  20. Junkie Business
  21. Life in the Fast Lane, Bobby's Saga
  22. Peggy's Turtle Song
  23. Propane Boom

Season 3

  1. Death of a Propane Salesman
  2. And They Call it Bobby Love
  3. Peggy's Headache
  4. Pregnant Paws
  5. Next of Shin
  6. Peggy's Pageant Fever
  7. Nine Pretty Darn Angry Men
  8. Good Hill Hunting
  9. Pretty, Pretty Dresses
  10. A Fire Fighting We Will Go
  11. To Spank, with Love
  12. Three Coaches and a Bobby
  13. De-Kahnstructing Henry
  14. The Wedding of Bobby Hill
  15. Sleight of Hank
  16. Jon Vitti Presents: Return to La Grunta
  17. Escape from Party Island
  18. Love Hurts and So Does Art
  19. Hank's Cowboy Movie
  20. Dog Dale Afternoon
  21. Revenge of the Lutefisk
  22. Death and Texas
  23. Wings of the Dope
  24. Take Me Out of the Ball Game
  25. As Old as the Hills

Season 4

  1. Peggy Hill: The Decline and Fall
  2. Cotton's Plot
  3. Bills are Made to be Broken
  4. Little Horrors of Shop
  5. Aisle 8A
  6. A Beer Can Named Desire
  7. Happy Hank's Giving
  8. Not in My Back Hoe
  9. To Kill a Ladybird
  10. Hillennium
  11. Old Glory
  12. Rodeo Days
  13. Hanky Panky
  14. High Anxiety
  15. Naked Ambition
  16. Movin' On Up
  17. Bill of Sales
  18. Won't You Pimai Neighbor?
  19. Hank's Bad Hair Day
  20. Meet the Propaniacs
  21. Nancy Boys
  22. Flush with Power
  23. Transnational Amusements Presents: Peggy's Magic Sex Feet
  24. Peggy's Fan Fair

Season 5

  1. The Perils of Polling
  2. The Buck Stops Here
  3. I Don't Want to Wait for Our Lives to Be Over
  4. Spin the Choice
  5. Peggy Makes the Big Leagues
  6. When Cotton Comes Marching Home
  7. What Makes Bobby Run?
  8. 'Twas the Nut Before Christmas
  9. Chasing Bobby
  10. Yankee Hankee
  11. Hank and the Great Glass Elevator
  12. Now Who's the Dummy?
  13. Ho Yeah!
  14. The Exterminator
  15. Luanne Virgin 2.0 (opening only)
  16. Hank's Choice
  17. It's Not Easy Being Green
  18. The Trouble with Gribbles
  19. Hank's Back Story
  20. Kidney Boy and Hamster Girl: A Love Story

Season 6

  1. Bobby Goes Nuts
  2. Soldier of Misfortune
  3. Lupe's Revenge
  4. The Father, the Son, and J.C.
  5. Father of the Bribe
  6. I'm with Cupid
  7. Torch Song Hillogy
  8. Joust Like a Woman
  9. The Bluegrass is Always Greener
  10. The Substitute Spanish Prisoner
  11. Unfortunate Son
  12. Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret Hill
  13. Tankin' It to the Streets
  14. Of Mice and Little Green Men
  15. Beer and Loathing
  16. A Man Without a Country Club
  17. Fun with Jane and Jane
  18. My Own Private Rodeo
  19. Sug Night
  20. Dang Ol' Love
  21. Returning Japanese
  22. Returning Japanese II



  1. To Sirloin With Love (on his ID card)