Jason Adderly
Jason Adderly
Name Jason Adderly
Gender Male
Hair Light brown
Age Deceased
Job Strickland Propane
Relatives Howard Adderly
First appearance Hank's Got the Willies
Voiced by Jim Dauterive

Jason Adderly is a minor character and employee at Strickland Propane. He is voiced by Jim Dauterive.


Jason works at Strickland Propane in an undefined role (not a salesman as he doesn't appear on the sales chart). He is the father of Howard Adderly, a ghoulish looking child in a flashback of Hank's during the Season 1 episode Hank's Got the Willies.

Jason apparently is trying to quit smoking he's seen at the Cigarender's meeting in the Season 1 episode Keeping Up With Our Joneses. He also is seen not wearing a Strickland Propane work shirt in his appearances, instead opting for a dress shirt and tie.



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