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She is the founder and head diety of a cult called Omega House. She was a mentioned character in Fun with Jane and Jane.


She works as a CEO of a jam company, and at first glance of her picture on Jam Jelly jars she appears to be a motherly figure. In actuality, she sought to create a slave labor force of women through a cult, who would all be referred to by her name of Jane and not be given any food save for rice and her jams and jellies. This was intended to break down individuality and get young women to make and distrubute her jams without compensation or questioning.

Events of King of the Hill

She is mentioned at her missionary at Arlen Community College's Omega House. The scam was also mentioned by two deprogrammers who abduct one of the Omega sisters at the behest of her mother, commenting how this cult is very litigious.


Season 6