Name Jacinto
Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 35-40
Job Condo Manager
Relatives Unknown
First appearance Three Days of the Kahndo
Voiced by Paul Rodriguez

Jacinto is the manager of a vacation condo is Mexico. He is voiced by comedian Paul Rodriguez


Little is known about Jacinto, including his last name. He appears in the Season 2 episode Three Days of the Kahndo as the manager of the condo in Mexico.

During the episode, he notifies Kahn that his reservation was for a mitad condo, meaning a half condo in Spanish. This causes Kahn to break into the upstairs portion of the condo and lie to Hank that the whole condo was reserved. When Jacinto discovers Hank, his family, and Dale are staying in the upstairs portion of the condo, he calls the police on them. Appearing in court, the Magistrate orders Hank, Dale, and Kahn to pay Jacinto 10,000 pesos in damages.

He is never mentioned or seen in the series again.

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