It Came From the Garage
Season 12, Episode 21
Air date May 11, 2008
Written by Blake McCormick
Directed by Robin Brigstocke
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It Came From the Garage is the two hundred-thirty-fourth episode of King of the Hill. It was first aired on May 11, 2008. The episode was written by Blake McCormick, and directed by Robin Brigstocke.


Hank and Bobby get in some father/son bonding time when Hank dumps the old team of Dale, Bill and Boomhauer to help Bobby in a boat-building competition. During the building process, Hank gets spooked by a bat named Frank that invades the construction garage, forcing Bobby to do the building all alone.

Meanwhile, Hank's old team capitalize on his fear by building The Dracula 5000, the concept image of which is a giant wingspread bat on the bow of a modern warship. The actual boat does not quite live up to the concept.

The regatta for which the boats are being built is never actually seen.

In the B story, Peggy buys freshman level "-ology" books from the book store and begins acting as if she is a professional.


Dale: "Fine, if you want to kick this phobia square in the pants, there's only one friend you need... Liddy."
Hank: "Liddy?"
Dale: "Comma G. Gordon. Nixon's former everything man is a master of self-discipline, who knew that to conquer a fear, one must engage it."
Hank: "Okay."
Dale: "As a teen, Liddy feared rats until he stalked, killed, and ate one."
Hank: "I am not eating a bat, Dale."
Dale: "That's unfortunate; I think we all would have enjoyed that."

Dale: "This is the year we bring home the gold ... colored trophy."

Stinger Quote

Bill: "Somehow I always knew it would come to this."


  • It is discovered in this episode that Hank has a fear of bats, and that Bill has a fear of balloons. Bill's fear of balloons seems to have stemmed from the events of "The Miseducation of Bobby Hill," where Bill's flight in a lawn chair with weather balloons ended up being disastrous.
  • The 1910 Stromwell grandfather clock in the hallway at The Hill residence is the same clock that appeared in the episode Hillennium.
  • It's never explained how Bobby is able to get the boat from his house to the river. Hank and his truck weren't around to help him. However the river may have been close enough to Bobby's house for the four boys to carry it there.


  • When Hank is approaching the garage door getting his courage up to confront the bat, the grandfather clock in the hallway has two lathed posts on each side at the top. In one shot the posts are about an inch apart, in the next they're six or seven inches apart and much thinner.

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