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Inez is the Mexican-American daughter of Hank's co-worker Enrique and his wife Yolanda. She only appears in "Lady and Gentrification", but is mentioned in other episodes. She is the voice of Alicia Sixtos.


In "Lady and Gentrification", Enrique assigns Hank with giving a speech at her quinceanera. A traditional Mexican celebration for girls turning 15. At first, Inez is reluctant to open up about her life to Hank, being a bit shy. After he asks her about the popular girls at her school (at Bobby's advice), she tells him a lot of things. At the same time, Peggy is selling houses in Enrique's neighborhood to hipsters, who gentrificate the neighborhood quickly. This puts a lot of stress on Enrique and his family. Inez also quickly fits in with the popular girls because of her quinceanera. She even invites them to her party. At the quinceanera, just as Hank is getting ready to deliver his speech honoring Inez, Enrique tells everyone that due to Peggy and the gentrification of his neighborhood, his house rent has gone up and he and his family will have to move. Inez bursts into tears, and runs into the house. Peggy feels horrible about what she did and tricks the hipsters into thinking that more white people like her neighbors are moving into the neighborhood. This causes all of the hipsters to move out. Once Enrique's neighborhood is restored to it's old state, Enrique is seen finally holding the deed to a house he rented for a long time, and Hank gives the quinceanera speech for Inez in front of Enrique's house.

Episode Appearance

Season 12

  1. Lady and Gentrification