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"Husky Bobby" is the eighteenth episode of King of the Hill. It was first aired on November 9, 1997. The episode was written by Jonathan Collier, and directed by Martin Archer.



Peggy and Hank take their son shopping at Shelwyn's department store. Unfortunately, Bobby is unable to squeeze himself into any of the pants on sale. Hank notices the salesman nearby and ask about the Bobby's pant size. Suddenly, the salesman asks Hank and Peggy to have a private conversations. The salesman tells the Hills they would be better off shopping at a clothing store which tailors to "special" children, such as H. Dumpty's. Hank realizes the salesman is referring to his son's girth, but he declines that claim. Before Hank is about tell about Bobby about this result, Peggy puts her own spin on why people shop at H. Dumpty's, telling Bobby that "being different is the best thing in the whole wide world." When Bobby tries on the clothing sold at H. Dumpty's, he is pleased with the selection. His enthusiasm catches the attention of the store's owner named Hal Dumpty, who asks Hank and Peggy about their son. Hank thought that Bobby was disruptive and about to talk him down sternly, but Hal Dumpty likes Bobby's enthusiasm and asks the boy if he would be interested in modeling for an upcoming fashion ad. Hank is mortified by the idea (despite him constantly nagging Bobby to get a job and start paying his own way) before their interrupted by a another kid who weeps in chagrin and complaints about this store with his parents comforting him. Bobby is unsure of the idea of plus-size modeling after hearing of Hank's disagreement, so he asks Luanne for advice, to which she is thrilled to remarks this is an opportunity for him, and drives Bobby to the photo shoot. When the pair returns, the boy announces that he will be appearing in a newspaper advertisement on the following day. A horrified Hank screams so loudly that it echoes through the neighborhood outside in the night.

The next morning, an embarrassed Hank demands the newspaper company to remove the advertisement and sneaks onto his neighbors' lawns to retrieves the offending ads. Shortly thereafter, a major talent agency phones the Hill residence offering representation and even more work. Though Hank warns his wife that kids who are different are victimized by their peers (ironically since Hank is rather husky himself, though a flashback reveals that at Bobby's age, Hank was one of the victimizers), Peggy insists there is nothing wrong with allowing their son to feel good about himself. Later, Peggy takes Bobby to the talent agency to meet Claude Stokes, an agent who believes the boy could become just as famous as one of the superstars of husky modeling, a boy named Andy Maynard. Hank sheepishly sneaks inside a photo studio, where he observes his son being given a makeover by a female stylist. Hank is horrified by the sight. He grows even more distressed after Luanne tells him about Bobby will appear in an upcoming fashion show before getting photo shoots. Fuming, Hank grabs Bobby and pulls him out of the studio. He then forbids his son from attending the fashion show before they slept for the night. Early the next morning, Bobby hops into a taxi, with a garment bag over his shoulder and driven off to the fashion show.

When Hank discovers his son missing after he's about ask him that they'll have a nice breakfast togethers, he hops into his truck with Peggy and quickly drives to the mall where the fashion show is being held. Backstage, Bobby meets Andy Maynard, who makes no secret of the fact that he is a husky supermodel. Hank runs into the mall and bursts into a dressing room looking for his son, but Bobby is already in the wings. Claude Stokes tells Bobby that he will walk onstage first, causing Andy to throw a temper tantrum. When his father appears, Bobby makes a dash for the stage. But Hank throws the boy over his shoulder and heads for the exit, whereas Bobby protests it is unfair not to be doing work he was hired for. Moments later, as a triumphant Andy Maynard walks on stage, Dooley and his buddies begin hurling donuts at the models where they're all smothered and stained including to half of the audience, causing the show to be ruined. After the incident, Bobby was amazed at his father for somehow predicting that the incident would happen. Hank comments that putting donuts, teenagers, and husky boys in the same area is a dangerous combination, hinting that he knew what was going to happen eventually. Bobby realizes he could have been humiliated if he was onstage and thanks his dad for somehow predicting that event before they've leave the mall.



  • Luanne is seen back together with Buckley in-person after their break up in the Season 1 episode Luanne's Saga. They continue to date until Buckley's death in the Season 2 episode Propane Boom. Although Luanne hinted they were back together King of the Ant Hill, Buckley did not return in-person until this episode.
  • The song playing during the fashion walk at the end (before the donuts are thrown) is Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless) by Crystal Waters.
  • Hank's statement about "trying to contain an outbreak" and accusation of Peggy "driving the monkey to the airport" is a possible reference to the 1995 film Outbreak, about a deadly pandemic started by a monkey.
  • The red-haired woman who greets guests at the fashion show appears to be the same red-haired bar waitress who Cotton Hill has a habit of slapping the rear of whenever he eats and drinks at the bar she works at. It is possible that she quit that job briefly after Cotton slapped her rear in the Season 1 episode "Shins of the Father". However, she is seen working at that bar again in the Season 3 episode "Next of Shin", where Cotton again slaps her rear. Husky Bobby would mark the first time her voice was heard.


  • At the fashion show at the end, the whale above the stage has a hat on, which is ejected at the end, releasing confetti. However, in one of the frames prior to this, the whale is missing the hat.
  • Bobby's room appears much larger than normal during the overhead shot when Hank discover he's left for the fashion show.

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