Howard Adderly
Howard adderly by jorge573-d55yw9n
Name Howard Adderly
Gender Male
Hair Balding (in Hank's memory)
Age 11-12
Job School
Relatives Jason Adderly
First appearance Hank's Got the Willies
Voiced by Non-speaking character

Howard Adderly is the son of Jason Adderly, a friend of Hank's. He appears in the Season 1 episode Hank's Got the Willies.


Howard is briefly discussed and shown in a flashback by Hank when talking to Bobby about role models. He tells Bobby he'll end up like Howard if he continues to play his Gameboy and not look for a true role model (like an athlete). Bobby, in response, claims Howard is his 2nd role model after Eddie Stilson due to his video game prowess.

Howard in the flashback appears as a deformed ghoulish looking child with a small amount of hair, excessive breathing, and a lack of social skills. However his appearance could have been exaggerated by Hank due to his ill opinion of video games and those who play them.

Howard is never mentioned or seen again in the series after this episode.

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