Hank Fixes Everything
Season 10, Episode 10
Air date April 2, 2006
Written by Kit Boss
Directed by Dominic Polcino & Ronald Rubio
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The Year of Washing Dangerously
Church Hopping

Hank Fixes Everything is the one hundred-ninety-sixth episode of King of the Hill. It was first aired on April 2, 2006. The episode was written by Kit Boss, and directed by Dominic Polcino and Ronald Rubio.


Buck Strickland hires the guys from the show American Chopper to perform at Strickland Propane in order to win a price war with Thatherton Fuels. But when it was discovered that Paul and the boys didn't have a motorcycle to entertain to their fans, a riot broke out. Hank then decide that Buck and the other Propane owners should stop with these price wars and start acting like business men, However they misunderstood Hank advice and decide to start a price fixing operation between the stores.

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