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Hank's On Board is the one hundred-eighty-seventh episode of King of the Hill. It was first aired on September 18, 2005. The episode was written by Sivert Glarum and Michael Jamin, and directed by Allan Jacobsen.


After Hank and Bill discover that Dale and Boomhauer take secret fishing trips every summer, Hank thinks that they have been trying to avoid Bill. But, when the guys open up a vacation to include their relatives he discovers that Boomhauer and Dale are trying to get away from Hank because he is too bossy. When Hank cuts loose, the guys get into big trouble just as Hank thought, stranded in the ocean next to their fishing boat with no way to climb back up to it after they all jump in the water for a swim without lowering the ladder. The guys admit to Hank that they were actually fighting for most of the trip in the carpool when Hank had to be moved to the other car, saying Hank is what keeps them all together. Hank's take-charge nature saves the four in the end, as he devises a means to summon help so they can be rescued. Since Boomhauer ripped off the propeller earlier, gas leaked all over the water. Hank sees a helicopter flying by and has Dale flick his last cigarette into the gas, causing a fire to get the pilot's attention. When the pilot congratulates Hank on his quick thinking, he gives credit to all his friends for each part, except for Bill, who admits that he didn't do anything, but appreciates Hank's attempt to credit him.

Meanwhile, Bobby and Peggy search the beach for buried treasure, using a metal detector Bobby purchased using the family's grocery money, but soon run afoul of the local beachcombers. The beachcombers steal all of their findings, only to give it back in exchange for their leader's keys that Peggy and Bobby end up finding.


Stinger quote

  • Dale Gribble: [laughs] "Nacho cheese!"


  • The guys admit to Hank that they actually didn't have fun when they rode in the same car without Hank like they said they did. They say all they did was argue and that Hank is what keeps them all together. However, since Bill, Dale, and Boomhauer are usually seen doing things without Hank (and without fighting) through the series, they may have been saying this to make him feel better.
  • Its possible Dale and Boomhauer go on the trip to get away from both Hank and Bill, with Hank being too uptight and Bill being too needy. Though Boomhauer is a voice of reason like Hank, he is also more easy going and open to nearly any crazy scheme Dale thinks of. Dale can also come off needy like Bill, but he can manage his loneliness much better.
  • Dale is seen driving Boomhauer's car as he, Bill, and Boomhauer are arriving to the beach. Back in the episode "It's Not Easy Being Green," it was implied that Dale could not drive stick and ended up destroying Boomhauer's Mustang (named Sally). It is possible that Dale could have learned to drive stick shift some time later.

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