Hank's Back is the one hundred-sixty-ninth episode of King of the Hill. It was first aired on May 9, 2004. The episode was written by Gregory Thompson and Aron Abrams, and directed by Robin Brigstocke. Angela Bloomfield guest stars.


When Hank suffers a back injury at work and none of his doctors can fix it because they think he's faking, he tries the healing powers of Yoga.

At first, he finds it a little too wacky, but thanks to the help of Yogi Victor (voiced by Johnny Depp), he realizes that it actually works. Meanwhile, Hank's Insurance Company, the Insurance Company Woman, sets out to prove that his worker's compensation claim is false. Hank tried to get his boss to help him with his case; however, Buck refuses because his cowardliness and he has a bad criminal record.

Hank goes to court and he proves his case by bringing Yogi Victor proves his innocence much to the accuser's dismay. The court tell Hank that Yogi isn't helping his cause however, Hank tells them he is and brings up how the man is so weird and annoying that a healthy person wouldn't deal with him. He then asks the court if he wasn't in horrible pain wouldn't he have beat the latter up, the court see his point and drops the charges.

Yogi breaks in and tells them Hank is still hurt and the court ask Hank if that's true as he states he has an occasional twinge. Hearing this, the court order Hank to continue his Yoga sections until Yogi says his treatment is done since they can't let have a relapse. At the end, Hank shows his coworkers the moves and renames some of them after something personal.

Meanwhile, Peggy fights to keep the old Pink & White market open after being reinstated as a champion bag-girl.

Stinger Quote

Yogi Victor laughs at the very end of the episode during the Deedle-Dee Productions, Judgemental Films & 3 Arts Entertainment logo.


  • When Hank is feeling good about his back being better, the music on the soundtrack is an instrumental interlude from "Heard It In A Love Song" by the Marshall Tucker Band.


Hank: It was easier back in High School coach sauers would give you some of them go pills and you felt like you could take on the dallas cowboys.

Boomhauer: Man you talk bout' them dang ol' go pills man? this talkin' bout em ol' horse crank man.

Hank: (teaching his coworkers yoga) That jackass at the yoga center calls this one "Sun Salutation", but I prefer "Modified Roger Staubach." Enrique: Hey, Hank! I feel like I'm one with everything now. Joe Jack: I just felt my chakra open, Honey. Hank: Now we're going to move into something I call "Fertilizing the Lawn."

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