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Gordon Huskin is a Canadian with a wife and his son. He is a co-antagonist with his wife during a Summer swap-house with Boomhauer in "Uh-oh, Canada".

Biography or Personality

Gordon is strongly patriotic/nationalistic in regards to his Canadian identity. He openly shows signs of anti-Americanism during the episode, and likes to condescendingly criticize aspects of American lifestyle and culture. Gordon is also considered to be ungrateful, for not thanking Hank, Bill and Dale for getting him out of jail before leaving. He speaks in normal yet stereotypically deep Canadian accent, and also speaks fluent Canadian French.


  • He is in many ways a Canadian equivalent of Hank.
    • Both are deeply and patriotically devoted to their home countries, their sports and home-produced brand of beer, while openly condescending towards other countries.
    • Both have narcissistic wives.
    • Both only one child, both are boys.
  • He claims that Canadians discovered penicillin. This was likely an oversight made during the production of the episode, as Alexander Flemming, the discoverer of penicillin, was Scottish and never involved with Canada.