Gilbert Fontaine De la Tour D'Haute Rive (Dauterive) is Bill Dauterive's cousin and only blood relative still alive by the end of the series, after it is revealed that the rest of the Dauterive line have died out of being cajun sterotypes via drunkness and being dumb.


Unlike Bill, Gilbert (pronounced zhil-BEAR) seems highly educated and often shares his philosophy through his speech. Moreover, he is a poet and often publishes his works through a magazine funded with money that he received when he had sold the mansion, which was last seen in "A Beer Can Named Desire", after the death of Bill's aunt, Esme Dauterive, and cousin, Violetta.

Despite Gilbert and Bill being the last in the Dauterive family, Gilbert is unsympathetic and careless towards Bill, and, in some cases, sadistic. When Bill had attempted to sell the Dauterive family barbecue recipe for profit, Gilbert responded by berating and attacking Bill for attempting to do so, claiming that the recipe is to die along with the family.

It is also implied that Gilbert is a homosexual, as he often made remarks alluding to such when the Hill family had last visited the mansion. Gilbert claims to have had sex with former Dallas Cowboy Golden Richards ("He was a beautiful man. I knew him... briefly."). He also told Buck Strickland to meet him in New Orleans to have sex with him ("Blood and Sauce").


  • Gilbert is based heavily on writer Tennessee Williams, and is a stereotype of southern plantation owners.
  • Despite being of Creole descent, Gilbert is not shown exhibiting much of his culture usually speaking only in Cajun English.
  • Gilbert calls his cousin Guillaume, the French equivalent of William.


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