Name Fudgie
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Relatives Topaz (girlfriend)
First appearance "Phish and Wildlife"
Voiced by Jamie Kennedy

Fudgie is a hippie where Hank encounters first in "Phish and Wildlife". He is the voice of Jamie Kennedy.


His girlfriend Topaz offers Bobby "jumbo gumbo" from a large kettle free of charge, explaining that everybody should share with one another. Later that night, Bobby declines an offer of food from Hank while they are sitting around the fire, having already sufficed himself with the gumbo while Boomhauer and Dale leave because of the hippies which has overrun the park. Fudgie states that he and Topaz met on a turnip farm. When Bobby heads back to the makeshift kitchen at the hippie campsite, looking for more gumbo, Fudgie and Topaz explain that Bobby needs to share up and contribute on his end. When Bobby has nothing to offer, Fudgie and Topaz raid Hank and Bobby's campsite and take their fishing poles. They're later found much to the horror of Hank, sleeping naked in Hank and Bobby's tent.

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