Frozen Cow Creamery is an ice cream joint located in Arlen. It is a parody of Cold Stone Creamery since the workers also sing, and they put mix-ins in the ice cream also. It was the place Buck went to feel happy after getting banned from Jugstore Cowboys in 24 Hour Propane People.


24 Hour Propane People

In the episode 24 Hour Propane People, Buck takes Hank to the Frozen Cow Creamery where Hank doesn't order an ice cream with mix-ins which the worker told Hank that he is going to have to wear an "I like nude ice cream" button, and the worker than ask Hank that he will sign him up for the birthday club, and the workers asks him for his social security, which Hank responded "How dare you", which the workers then started singing a song starting to rhyme with "dare", which they started singing a song about there was a man who liked mix-ins which was Buck who starts singing along the song also. Later in the episode, Joe Jack tells Hank that he got a call from Buck telling Hank to bring him pants to Frozen Cow Creamery where he goes to be happy, which Buck makes the workplace of Strickland Propane "fun" like Frozen Cow Creamery. In the end of the episode, Hank tells Buck to go to Frozen Cow Creamery setting up a reconciliation with Buck and the owner of Jugstore Cowboys to let him back after he banned him from Jugstore Cowboys.