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The unnamed Fort Berk Principal is the former principal of the Fort Berk military academy. He appears in the episode "An Officer and a Gentle Boy."


The principal is an elderly man with receding gray hair and a full beard. He wears square-framed glasses and a military uniform.


For a while, he remained the principal of Fort Berk Academy. Under his tenure, the academy does not practice the harsh treatment of its student in previous decades, particularly usage of "the hole" where cadets would spend time inside without contact or food for several days to break their spirits. In season 7 when Cotton Hill finds out about the academy getting rid of its draconian discipline, he manages to talk to General Gene Jefford, who is the chairman of the board of supervisors of the academy. The principal is surprised that Cotton has connections to the academy's board and he listens to Jefford on the phone. He accepts his resignation and asks if he can at least keep his Aeron desk chair. The General tells him he can keep the chair, and the principal walks out of his office with the chair. Cotton then becomes interim principal of the academy, bringing back "the hole" and has his grandson Bobby go in it.