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Everett works at Tut Rampy Dam where he monitors the dam and controls the floodgates.


Everett has worked at Tut Rampy Dam for 20 years, monitoring the dam. Everett frequently combs his mustache and is unreasonable. He once abandoned his post during a severe flood, resulting in Hank filling in for him after driving to the dam and finding no one there. After answering an emergency phone at the dam, Hank is instructed to monitor the dam for cracks. Hank is also authorized if necessary, to make the difficult decision of opening the floodgates to relieve pressure resulting in a dozen homes and businesses being destroyed. Otherwise, the gates will burst, destroying most of South Arlen. When Hank notices the cracks on the dam getting bigger, in desperation, he opens the floodgates. When Hank arrives at the shelter, he is blamed by a crowd of people for destroying an outlet mall and several homes. As Hank tries to explain himself, stating that that cracks were becoming bigger, Everett insults and mocks him, stating that all dams have cracks. When Hank condemns Everett for abandoning his post, Everett argues that if he had stayed, they'd still have an outlet mall. Hank, along with the rest at the shelter, remain unreasonable, and defend Everett, despite the fact that Hank made the right decision and had been authorized to open the floodgates.


Après Hank, le Deluge

In the episode Après Hank, le Deluge, Everett is revealed to have abandoned his post at the Tut Rampy Dam and is shown at the shelter along with a crowd of people unreasonably accusing Hank of destroying homes and business while combing his mustache.

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