Eustice Miller was a recurring character in the earlier seasons of King of the Hill. He was a nerdy man who worked as a patent lawyer, and had a son named Randy. He is also part of the Arlen High School school board and a member of Arlen First Methodist Church. His wife was never seen nor mentioned in the series. Eustice thought he was better than everyone else and constantly bragged to Hank about how he was a better father. Neither Hank, Dale, Bill, or Boomhauer cared for him, and Dale was fond of calling him "useless".

He last appeared in a speaking role in "Unfortunate Son" in which he purchases a Nazi canoe from the VFW. Cotton claimed belonged to Adolf Hitler for a hiking trip, saying that he will have to remove the swastikas. Cotton is very reluctant to give it to him, and upon realizing he has a Japanese made car, he chases him furiously with a bayonet. He would then only appear in non-speaking cameos after that.

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