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Ernst is a supporting character in the episode Goodbye Normal Jeans. He is Peggy's hair-dresser, who in addition to his official job styling her hair, is shown to be a frequent ear for her to express her frustrations to. Ernst has an effeminate accent, wears high-lights, a tight muscle-shirt frequently and gets along much better with woman than men, causing Peggy to internally assume he was a homosexual. It was later revealed that Ernst was in fact straight, having both a beautiful wife and a newborn son.

Ernst is voiced by Toby Huss


In the episode, Peggy is feeling useless in her own house with Bobby, taking to Home-Ec well enough to over-shadow her. Ernst tells Peggy that the one way Bobby can not out-do her is "In the boudoir" and opts to give her a fabulous make-over. The chemicals Ernst puts in Peggy's hair repel Hank in the bedroom and the situation becomes one more excuse to keep Peggy further apart from Hank.

Towards the end of the episode, Peggy decides to take the turkey Bobby was preparing, head to Ernst's house and have dinner with a man who is there for her, and like her "is rejected by society". Confused but sympathetic, Ernst sees she is broken-up and invites her in. Upon arriving inside, Peggy sees a beautiful woman breastfeeding a child, whom Ernst introduces as his wife. Peggy, realizing she was mistaken the whole time, breaks down as the last man she felt secure in-front of turns out to have a loving family. Ernst calls Hank to tell him Peggy is at his house, with the Hills' turkey, and they are both battered and bruised. Ernst agrees to give Peggy a ride home after she has a few moments to cry on his shoulder. On Ernst's advice, Hank sees he had been making Peggy feel useless by relying on Bobby, and prepares all her dishes for her, to show he does not need her at all, but keeps her around solely because he loves her.