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Emily is a sixth grade blonde pig-tailed hall monitor who takes her position quite seriously; often acting like a police officer. She is one of Principal Moss's most trusted students. She likes doing work for him, bringing students to his office, and Carl has mentioned her a few times. She bares a strong resemblance to the Dorothy Ann character from The Magic School Bus series of books and the TV series, though this is most likely coincidental.

Emily is also seen at times acting a position to escort Students and/or Facility off the School Grounds at Carl Moss's or Teacher's request, even going as far as to use physical force as such on Stacey Gibson when failure to cooperate occurs. She is one of Bobby's classmates (Although rarely seen in class), and has appeared in class in a few episodes, one being the episode "Talking Shop." In "Bad Girls, Bad Girls, Whatcha Gonna Do", it's said that Emily's science fair project involved seeing how long mice could swim for, although the project was revealed to have failed because the mice had drowned.

After a lazy Carl Moss tries to get her to carry an extremely heavy sack of money at the start, Emily was also seen taking part in the student walk-out protest organized by Bobby in "Bobby Rae", one of the only times where she can be observed as doing something disloyal to Principal Moss.

Emily primarily acts as the muscle for Principle Moss, and he uses her often to deal with unruly students or school visitors, including Bobby's stalker, Stacey Gibson. Often she has been used to escort or force someone off school grounds. She prevents Hank and Peggy from entering the school and sports field in "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Clown" and "Cheer Factor", and escorts Peggy from the school after Peggy is caught spanking Stuart Dooley in "To Spank, with Love". Emily's role extended slightly when she participated in the operation of a school carnival in "Tears of an Inflatable Clown"; she was one of the students who had been included in a social experiment revolving around racism and antisemitism in this episode.

Emily has a voice that sounds somewhat like a grown adult woman's, although she is slightly shorter in stature than many of the other students her age, and has a more childlike hairstyle with pigtails. She's rarely seen without her fluorescent orange-and-yellow safety vest.