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Elvin Mackelston is one of Lucky's redneck friends, along with Mud Dobber.


Elvin is an adult man with light brown hair and a horseshoe mustache with a soul patch. He wears a blue cap and a tan-green shirt with cutoff sleeves.


He is shown to have violent tendencies when he and Mud Dobber threaten to kill Luanne's prom date, Kevin. They do this only to protect Lucky's engagement with Luanne.[1] He also decides to "help" Kahn by turning him into a redneck. Kahn goes all-out and even allows Elvin to take him sticking after Kahn punches Elvin in the mouth.[2] He is known to have a wife named Sherilynn. He is also a former member of John Redcorn's band, Big Mountain Fudge Cake.[3]