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Elizabeth "Miz Liz" Strickland is Buck Strickland's suffering wife who had kicked Buck out of the house in The Good Buck, but accepts him back in after he becomes better when he turns to religion. She once attempted to seduce Hank. She often has to deal with Buck's constant infidelity and dishonesty. In season 7, it is learned that she did eventually leave Buck because he indulged in his vices of alcoholism, gambling, debauchery, adultery and so on — all on her birthday.

She is voiced by Kathleen Turner (who also provides Jessica Rabbit's speaking voice in the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and is renowned for having a deep, raspy, husky voice).

Episode Appearances

Season 4

  1. Hanky Panky
  2. High Anxiety

Season 5

  1. The Buck Stops Here (mentioned)

Season 7

  1. The Good Buck (mentioned)