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Earl Bowley[1] is a member of the Arlen Gun Club who appeared in "Soldier of Misfortune," and later appears as a background character in "The Peggy Horror Picture Show" and in "The Minh Who Knew Too Much."

Physical appearance

Earl is an adult male with short dark hair and a circle beard surrounding his mouth. He wears a light blue collared shirt with a white undershirt and blue jeans.


Earl is first seen in Soldier of Misfortune at the Arlen Gun Club eating the food that Dale Gribble offers. He plans on re-electing Dale as President of the Gun Club, but Mad Dog is trying to compete with him. When Dale accidentally discharges his firearm, many Gun Club members lean toward voting for Mad Dog, and Earl and co. decide to attend Mad Dog's party later on.

Hank, Bill and Boomhauer go onto Mad Dog's property in an attempt to find Dale, but all three fall for traps across the property and Mad Dog ties them up. When Mad Dog orders everyone to help him get torture tools for the three men, Earl is skeptical of the ordeal. When Dale comes to the place and is captured, he calls some flowery delivery people who he claims are CIA. Earl refuses to help Mad Dog, who flees his cabin. Earl unties Dale and begs him to call off the CIA agents. Dale says he will in return for being re-elected President, and Earl and co. agree to his request. At the end of the episode, Earl asks Dale to re-tell the story of how he saved everyone from Mad Dog.

Later in season 11, the Arlen Gun Club holds a meeting to elect their president once more, and it is between Earl and Dale. Dale does not show up at first, so the members decide that Earl is their new president, but Dale shows up with permanent marker on his face. The members think it is war paint and decide to re-elect Dale instead. Lastly, in season 12, Earl appears in the Gun Club at night helping Dale carry out the initiation ritual for the new member Minh Souphanousinphone. He and the other members walk around Minh while balancing empty beer cans on their heads. When Minh joins Nine Rivers Country Club, Earl is seen with Dale and the other members trying to shoot Minh's name plate via skeet shooting, but they fail to hit the target.


  • "There's only one man I'd take a bullet for, and he's home making my supper!"



  • He is homosexual.


  1. His last name is stated in season 11 episode 1.