Dusty Hill
Name Dusty hill
Gender Male
Hair Carmel
Job bassist, keyboardist, and co-vocalist
Relatives Hank Hill (cousin)
Peggy Hill (cousin in law)
Cotton Hill (uncle)
Didi Hill (step-aunt)
First appearance Pilot
Voiced by Dusty Hill

Dusty Hill is the bass player for ZZ Top. He was introduced as Hank Hill's cousin in season 11, episode 5 ("Hank Gets Dusted"), in which Hank is crestfallen that Cotton is giving his Cadillac to Dusty instead of him. When Dusty arrives at the Hill Household, it is revealed that Dusty is starring in a new reality TV series titled "Behind the Beard". Dusty enters the Cadillac into a demolition derby, where it is later destroyed. He and the rest of ZZ Top were known and annoyed by Hank for pranking and harassing him for their reality show. Dusty later apologies for destroying the Cadillac, not knowing Hank had wanted it but was passed over.

Dusty's father was said to be Cotton's brother, making the latter Hank's paternal uncle.


  • ZZ Top tricks Hank as a teenager.
  • ZZ Top tricks Hank taking off a blindfold which sells propane instead of a concert.
  • ZZ Top tricks Hank and Peggy having a newborn baby which is a newborn baby with a beard.