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Dr. John Weissman, M.D. is the doctor who gives Bill Dauterive a second opinion after Bill's diagnosis of diabetes by another doctor. He only appears in "Dia-BILL-ic Shock".


Weissman is a tall man with blonde hair and a dark blonde scruffy beard. He wears glasses, a doctor's coat and tie.


In season 13 after Bill is diagnosed with onset diabetes, Bill goes to Dr. Weissman for a second opinion. In contrast to the first doctor, who simply tells Bill he should exercise and eat healthier, Weissman tells him that his legs will likely no longer be in use, saddening Bill that he will be physically disabled.

Because of Weissman's blunt statement, Bill decides to get a wheelchair before his legs are no longer of use. After Bill finds out that he is able to walk just fine after working out for sometime with Thunder, Bill goes back to Weissman's office to confront him. Weissman tells him that he never said Bill will lose his legs, merely that there was a chance of becoming a paraplegic. Bill beats up Weissman while Hank guards the door, and another nurse in the building is happy that Weissman is being beaten up since he treats his fellow coworkers awfully.