Dr. Boomhauer
Name Jeffrey Dexter Boomhauer, Jr.
Gender Male
Hair Grey
Age early 70's
Relatives Mrs. Boomhauer (Wife)
Patch Boomhauer (Son)
Jeff Boomhauer (Son)
Meemaw (Mother-In-Law)
First appearance Straight as an Arrow
Voiced by Mike Judge

Doctor Jeffrey Dexter "Doc" Boomhauer, Jr., is the father of Jeff Boomhauer and the husband of Mrs. Boomhauer. Though he only appeared twice, he is mentioned frequently throughout the series. His first appearance is in Straight as an Arrow, where he is pictured as an older version of Boomhauer. His final appearance is in Spin the Choice. He is also mentioned in Three Coaches and a Bobby when Boomhauer says his parents won the lottery and were living in Florida. 

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